Drill Him – Two Sergeants

Last Updated: February 7th, 2017
Another fresh week and time to check out a new pair of hot and horny studs today. We bring you a drill him scene that you can bet you’ll love today and so, let’s get it started. You know that this site is the perfect place to drop by and check out when you want to see some amazing and naughty scenes with these studs banging hard. And there will always be new scenes every week with steamy gay fucks sessions that you can enjoy without fail too. Today’s naughty update has this duo of guys getting around to have some sexy fun while they are on a break and they are actually celebrating something for the afternoon. So let’s get their drillhim show on the road already!

You see, they happen to have become best buds here. And that is mainly because they are also fuck buddies. They find solace in fucking one another when they are in the need for some sex and they always have fun. Well, today they both got promoted to sergeants and it was cause for celebration. So naturally, they decided to spend their free day inside their room where they can fuck hard style. Let’s watch them sucking each other off to start things off and then you can enjoy the proper and luscious show with them fucking each other balls deep in the ass for the rest of the scene. enjoy it and do check out the past updates for some more juicy gay action everyone!


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Drill Him – Welcome To The Army

Well hey there guys an gals. Welcome to some more new and hot drill him scenes today that you get to check out without delay. There’s another greenhorn here that gets to have his little welcome party to the army, but this time the other army guys changed things up a bit. He gets to be on the receiving end as well, but he also gets to receive some special treatment from the other guys as well. So let’s sit back and check out a truly superb scene where this guy gets to be welcomed in a proper drillhim way for this afternoon and you get exclusive access to check it out here first and foremost too. So let’s get the show going shall we?


He enters the drom with his new buddies after they greet him and once there things start to go down. See the other two studs kissing and caressing him all over his body as they undress him and the guy enjoys the treatment quite a lot. Then he gets to have his cock sucked with a passion by one of them and the other starts to jerk off at the whole nice show. Well after all that, watch the new guy bending over and take your time to see him moan in pleasure while he gets that sweet ass penetrated balls deep as well. It’s a gorgeous scene that you just have to see and with that we’ll leave you to it. Enjoy and see you next time!

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Dorm Fuck

Hello there. It’s that time again and as promised, more new and hot drill him scenes are here for you to check out. So let’s get to watch some more hot gay action with army guys that have some free time on their hands for today as well and you will be quite impressed with the whole thing, we bet. This scene has some more threesome action, but the guys that get to do it, seem to have wanted to go at it right in the dorm room when everyone else was sleeping already. So let’s watch this drillhim scene where they try to fuck as silently as possible for the whole duration. But it’s okay, since if the others wake up, they can just join in.

So as we said, they need to be super silent about it to begin with. The guy that gets to be fucked needs to suck their cocks and make sure they are rock hard before anything else though, so first order of business is to have them take a seat and try not to moan as they get their cocks sucked expertly today. Then they get on his bed and he bends over for one as he gets to take that cock pounding from behind, while the other guy gets to have his cock sucked by him continuously. We hope that you loved this scene, and you’ll have to check it out for yourselves if you want to see if they woke anyone up or no today. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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Drill Him – Suck It

It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means everyone. More drill him scenes are here for you to check out and enjoy and they are full of new horny studs that want to get wild and kinky. Of course, some more army guys get to have all the fun, but that’s okay as we know that you guys just adore seeing them in some juicy action today too. So let those cameras roll and let’s get this party started once more and check out some more gay army guys as they get to have their fun in a juicy and hot drillhim scene. And this is one of those galleries that you will want to check out in it’s entirety everyone, rest assured!


They all had outdoor exercises today and it seems that they were going to be camping out for the night today. Well that didn’t stop these three guys to have their sexual release as they made it work one way or another. Check them out going behind the tents to have their fun and you can see as one of the guys takes the other two’s pants off and he just begins sucking their hard cocks like a pro as well. Just take your time to see those luscious lips working some nice and big meat poles today and enjoy the view of it all. We’ll, as always, have more new content for you as soon as the next week rolls around, so come back then for more!

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Smashed Ass

Welcome back to another new and hot drill him update. Well, you know that here you can find all kinds of hot and horny studs fucking hard don’t you? Anyway, you still came to the right place if you want to see some hot army hunks getting to plow each other senseless as we bring you one juicy scene featuring them do a lot of antsy things today. So let’s take the time to check out another group of these army studs as they ended up enjoying themselves in a superb orgy that they had going down. And there was of course the one guy that got to be on the receiving end of this whole thing too. So let’s watch them drillhim hard style in the ass!

As the scene starts, it seems that the guys were all ready and eager to do their little fuck session in the bath. So, since they were all nice and naked, and close to the showers, they could get as nasty and kinky with the whole thing as they wanted. First off, see the guy on the receiving end as he sucks and slurps all of those cocks to get tem hard. Then you can watch him letting his buddies take turns to plow his tight ass for the rest of the scene. And he does take some of their lads too, for some superb creampies. Anyway, check out the whole gallery today and enjoy it. We’ll bring you some more next week as well, rest assured!


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Drill Him – Fresh Meat

Another fresh week and time to see another new and hot drill him scene as usual. Well, for this one we have something a bit special as you can see by the title. There was a new recruit arriving today and the guys at the dorm had it planned to teach the new guys the ground rules this very afternoon. So you can bet that what ended up happening in this one was a superb fuck fest that everyone in the room got to participate it without fail. So let’s take some time to watch his new buddies drillhim today for the afternoon in everything that he needs to do in order for the guy to be familiar with everything from now on and you can bet you get front row seats to the show.


Well, the new soldier dude knew as soon as the others started to gather around him what was going to go down, and you can bet that he was pretty happy with it as well. Let’s get to take the time to see him as he gets to play with his new buddies today and to start off he gets to wrap his lips around some of their cocks. Watch him work those poles with his juicy lips to make sure that they are rock hard and after all that you can see him as he gets to bend over and present them with his ass as well for a good pounding. We’ll leave you with it so that you can enjoy it all and we’ll return next week with another gallery for you to see and check out!

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Cum Drunk Soldier

Well, this week’s gallery is one that you’ll find very hot once more. We bring you more groups of horny and hot army guys as they get to do what they can to get rid of their horny feelings and you can see them getting to do all kinds of kinky stuff every single week if you drop by around this place. Well let’s get to watch another group that ends up having a nice and hot threesome with one another on camera for you and you can enjoy the sight of these studs going at it nice and hard too. So without any further due, let’s get that drillhim show rolling and see the whole thing unwind without any more delays in this afternoon.

The show begins with this trio as they get to fine some bunk beds that are free and once they do it was on. See them undress one another and watch as some juicy and sensual cock sucking gets done, so that those cocks are nice and hard to begin with. Then you can check out the studs as they get to take their turns to fuck one another in the ass as well. No one was going to leave unsatisfied today and be sure that by the end of their little fun scene, this group sure had their hands busy with cleaning up as well. Enjoy it and do remember to stop by next week again. We’ll be sure to have even more juicy content ready for you to see!


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Drill Him Boot Railed Part 2

Today’s drill him scene is here and it’s going to impress you for sure. So this is a bit of a continuation of last week’s gallery where you got to see two army guys bust in on their buddy when hey had some time off and they all decided to have some fun with a gay fuck session that was nice and steamy and you could all enjoy it too. Well, the guy sure proved how good he is at blowing hard cocks, but it seems that the whole thing took a tad longer as every one of them was in the mood for some anal fucking as well today. So today let’s watch this guy’s friends properly drillhim in the ass for the afternoon too, on camera of course!


As soon as the cameras start to roll, the guy was just about done with sucking and deep throating those nice and thick cocks. And his buddies were very happy to now get to work on his mighty fine and tight butt as well. So check him out bending over to take his fucking doggie style from one guy and meanwhile, you can see the other one still letting him munch on his fat cock. Of course the two studs change places every now and then to take turns fucking him and overall it’s one juicy scene to say the least. Take your time to properly enjoy it today and we’ll be back again next week with another new update for you. Until then bye bye!

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Boot Railed

Hey there again everyone. We’re back this week with a brand new and fresh drill him update for you and we know you won’t be able to take your eyes off of this one for sure. You can check out a trio of horny hot studs that get to enjoy some more naughty sessions with one another on camera for you. So let’s take the time and check out how some more of these army guys like to unwind after a day full of drills and exercises once more. You can bet that this guy’s friends wanted to drillhim on how to orally please them this afternoon, so let’s just get to it and see some more juicy and hot gay fuck scenes for the afternoon!

So the two guys that need their cocks taken care of enter the dorm and their buddy is there enjoying a book. Well as soon as he sees them he knows what he’s suppose to do so when they reach his bunk, the guy starts to take off their pants. Watch and see how he starts to suck and slurp the first one’s cock and he even makes the guy moan. And then he gets to service the second stud as well. So just sit back and take your time to see this cock sucking expert sucking cocks all afternoon long and have fun with the scene. We will return soon with some more all new and all fresh galleries for you so stay tuned to catch them all!


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Drill Him – Boot Cum Dump

Hey there guys. We’re back with a brand new and fresh drill him scene that you can check out and of course some more horny army dudes that get to have their fun in it. This scene has a trio of guys engaging in a threesome and it’s mostly to show off, pretty much like the titles says, one of the man sluts around the base. He is very very good at draining cocks of jizz and he is proud of himself on that. Anyway, let’s get to watch the action in this gallery and see the hot stud as he gets to have his buddies drillhim all evening long today in one glorious scene. We know that you are eager to see it happen so let’s get to it!


The show starts with the guy and his two buddies sneaking away at a private spot in their time off duty. And here is where they ended up having some juicy fun with one another as they got to have each other’s big cocks as much as they wanted to for this afternoon. Lets sit back and watch the guys whipping out their cocks while the guy in the green shirt starts to orally please his buddies. Just sit back and enjoy the sight of his expert luscious lips working those meat poles and have fun. You can bet that it didn’t end until the guys shot their loads and their buddy here had to go take a quick shower before getting back to his post. Bye bye for now!

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